The Long Night

Excerpts from AniMazSpot judges' reviews

"...interesting and amazing alchemy going on in this film that I can't put my finger on."
-Malcolm Turner, London International Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia

"I like the interplay between the message and the imagery.  Some of the imagery is disturbing to see.  It reminds me of the early work of the Surrealist filmmakers Bunuel and Dali.... This 11 year old is out there."
-James Davis

"Texture is an important element in the short, and the final result of having different objects animated in each scene becomes an extra layer of texture to the film. Love the way the titles are displayed and the use of black and white and only a little colour makes it somehow very elegant."
-Silvina Comillon, Award Winning Animation Producer, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I like the use of different techniques to express different moments of time/space perceptions. The surrealistic imagery, together with the male narrator’s voice, creates an original flow. The tempo of the animation is extremely arbitrary, therefore interesting.... Overall, an interesting experiment!"
-Cinzia Bottini, Scholar, Giannalberto Bendazi Protege, Milan Italy

"Interesting experimental creation and poetry."
-Paul Dopff, Animator/Children's Workshop, Verneuil-sur-Indre, France

"...great design and animation...simple and efficient. I had to look at it several times and liked it more and more."

-Monique Renault, Acclaimed Women's Animator, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

"...a remarkable, impressive job."
-Bill Matthews, Disney Features, Head of Training, Glendale, CA